Cardi B Responds to Nicki Minaj’s ‘ “Swish Swish” Diss And More On Gram Live.

Cardi B is in Dubai. Last night the reality star/ rapper has some words of get off chest.
-She was upset about people in the industry starting beef for no reason. Cardi didn’t mention name Nicki though but ssaid  she was disappointed in the industry and people that used to be her idols.


Nicki Minaj’s Old Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Her.

Before Nicki has tone down her barbie antics to appeal to the masses. Nicki Minaj was the chick who wore crazy wigs and had an alter ego called Roman Polanski of you need to read disturbing details on this man click Here to read. If you missed Nicki’s brother in trouble with the law click Here to read.


Two Rap Divas: Nicki Minaj Apologizes For Delay/ Missy Elliott’s Cut Off At Essence Performance

The pint size diva Nicki apologizes for being late at the recent Wireless performance.

ki Minaj apologized to the crowd at Wireless Festival in London after she took to the stage two hours late on Sunday.
Nicki was due to perform before DJ David Guetta, but she completely missed her set as she suffered travel complications after flying into Britain from theRoskilde Festival in Denmark. Her car reportedly got stuck in traffic during her journey from Luton Airport in England and she arrived at the event two hours late, after Guetta had already taken to the stage.

In similar news, Missy Eliott drama with Essence…

Missy Elliott starred in an unusual sequence of events at the 2015 Essence Festival on Saturday (July 4). Her show on the main stage of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was cut off abruptly. Two hours later, at 1 a.m., she returned to the stage immediately following Usher’s closing set to apologize.  SOURCE

Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Caught Thieving With Their Single “Feeling Myself”

Originality and Beyonce should not belong in the same sentence…

The original divas behind “Feeling Myself” are the THEREALGLAM picture below the post.

They wrote on social media…

I wanna thank everyone who is supporting us in this matter. This is a very BOLD move for us to make I KNOW but our hearts are in it. If it were you what would you do? This could hurt us before we even get a chance to start, but even after all that hard work it’s a chance I’m willing to take. Standing up for my rights and speaking out. I didn’t ask to be put in this position. I didn’t ask to have to go against my FAVS ♥️ I wish they were singing a song I specially wrote for them but it didn’t happen that way..#feelingmyself was our song first. There have been other songs with the same title but It sounds like the same format as ours. And we aren’t apart of that deal. It’s not fair that we have to get bashed and called liars by obsessed fans that don’t know us or them personally..and we don’t even know how this happened. We’ve been promoting this song for a year online and through the streets…no telling who could have heard it and pitched it. We just wanna get to the bottom of it peacefully because we do have rights! We may not be @nickiminaj or @beyonce but we are with God on our side and there is nothing he can’t do. I’m not afraid to go for mine. My beef isn’t with them directly, it’s with whoever did this. They don’t even have to know us for this to happen. Those that know and have met us know we grind hard for ours and we know a lot of industry ppl. So if y’all wanna see @TheRealGlam‬ get what we feel we deserve, then show support or if you witnessed it being our song first. Celebs are ppl too. Yea they get what they want because they have money and high standard. But there is only 1 GOD. He is about to exalt US and show the world how big HE is. I speak it in Jesus name. The battle is not ours! ‪#‎thecomeupisreal‬ #feelingmyself #therealglam #grindlikeamillionaire #majorwithoutmajors