Cardi B Responds to Nicki Minaj’s ‘ “Swish Swish” Diss And More On Gram Live.

Cardi B is in Dubai. Last night the reality star/ rapper has some words of get off chest.
-She was upset about people in the industry starting beef for no reason. Cardi didn’t mention name Nicki though but ssaid  she was disappointed in the industry and people that used to be her idols.

A Mess….Brandy’s Former Record Label Counter Sues The Singer.


If you missed the story about Brandy sued her record label click Here and Here to read.

The music labels are no joke! Brandy is really going through it.I truly feel sorry for her and hopes things work out  for the singer.

According to TJB reports, Brandy’s former record label has slapped the singer with a counter-suit over her record deal , accusing her of breaching the deal by releasing music without their approval . They are demanding she be ordered to pay damages for her actions.

Here’s the latest: Chameleon Entertainment responded to Brandy’s lawsuit and counter-sued the singer for releasing music without their approval.