Peter Thomas Interview With Straight From The And He Maybe Quitting The Show.

If you missed Cynthia revealed in an interview her relationship with Peter is not in a great place. Click Here to read.

Peter reaches out to popular blogger StraightForTheA to address a few things including Porsha.

Peter Thomas wants you to know several things, but the first of which is that he LOVES his wife, Cynthia Bailey and he’s pissed off that Porsha Williams has the NERVE to speak on anything related to his marriage or anyone elses.

I don’t know where that comes from!  At the reunion, I told her I’d pay her $10,000 if she’d produce a list of all the women that I’ve slept with.  Because I’d like to know who they also.

Since I’ve been married to my wife, I haven’t cheated on my wife with anyone.  I happen to be old fashioned and actually am in love with my wife.

Peter also reveals he may not be on the show anymore.

Click Here to watch.


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