It’s About Damn Time… Ashanti’s Crazy Ass Stalker Is Convicted of Felony Stalking.

Thank God Ashanti and her family finally catches a break from that crazy ass stalker. Click Here if you missed the previous story.

According to NYDN reports, Devar Hurd, 37, shook his head in disappointment as a verdict was read by the jury of five women and seven men after about one full day of deliberations, which began Thursday afternoon in Manhattan Supreme Court. Hurd faces up to four years behind bars but has been in jail since 2013 in connection to the current case, so he could be released soon given the time he has served. He will be sentenced on March 31.

Ashanti reaches to social media about the news..

ashantiThank you God for the blessing of this finally being over. & Thank you guys so much for all your prayers!!! You never know what someone else is going through. I didn’t do a lot of talking about this… Just a lot of Praying. For any other women dealing with anything like this remember to be strong & brave!@liltuneshi @theoriginalmomanger it’s over. #GodIsGreat❤️🙏🏾




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