There Are Two Sides To Every Story. Stephanie George Defends Her Man Comedian Donnell Rawlings Against TMZ’s False Story.

Instagram media by stephshaygeorge - Lunch time and Austen won't look at the camera. He's too busy smiling at Donnell 👶🏽

That’s a true woman!

Stephanie is mad as phuck over the incident involving her bae  Donnell Rawlings.

TMZ reports,

Donnell Rawlings was furiously fist-swinging during an unresolved dispute over an unpaid restaurant tab … and it was caught on video.

Donnell tells us he was chowing down at Little Pete’s in Philly for breakfast Sunday when he walked out for a smoke.  He says the waitress followed him and started screaming, accusing him of dining and dashing.  He says she never gave him a chance to pay.

A Little Pete’s employee begs to differ, telling us Donnell appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab. The waitress claims Donnell made it clear before he left he wasn’t going to pay, so she confronted him.

Stephanie went on social media to call out TMZ.

I can’t believe this is happening to my loved one. Racism is alive! I am so angry, and beyond hurt. The name of the Diner is little Petes in philly and they tried to submit footage to TMZ to get a story. The bill was $11 and some change and he tipped $60. What hurts the most is that the people in the diner started clapping when he got his bag and left and screaming obscenities to him, it sounded like a trump rally. They also took turns swinging on him, before the cops came. I’ve been shedding tears of angry all morning. #pleaseshare



@theshaderoominc this is a false story! Get your facts straight.. This is sick. This dude takes care of his family and more, he wouldn’t leave a $12 tab. What’s wrong with you Guys?

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