Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def in South African court over ‘world passport’.

If you missed the story about Yasiin Bey lander in hot water over passport issue click Here and Here to read.

Here is an update on this situation:

SBS reports,

The 42-year-old hip hop artist, actor and activist Mos Def, whose real name is Dante Terrel Smith, was first turned away from the court because he refused to remove a turban he was wearing.

As a small group of photographers and video journalists recorded the incident, he left and returned later with a loose scarf draped over his head and shoulders, which allowed a security search.

Mos Def, who was listed on the court roll under one of his other names, Yassin Bey, was accompanied by a small group of friends into the magistrates’ court in the working class suburb of Bellville in Cape Town.

He refused to speak to reporters, and waited expressionlessly among groups of glum witnesses and suspects waiting to be called for cases such as theft and assault.


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