Jay Z Called Out By FCLU Over Paternity Cover-Up.

You can ran but you can’t hide Jigga.

If you missed the ongoing situation involving Rymir’s Jigga alleged love child click Here to read.
The president of the Family Civil Liberties Union blasts Jay Z for dragging out the case…

FCLU President Gregory T. Roberts released the following statement

“If Jay Z is innocent, I’m curious why you don’t advise him to take the paternity test rather than create false battles and artificial conflict with an upstanding not-for-profit. I have been 100% cooperative with you.”

“In turn, you seem determined to create a frivolous legal blizzard of subpoenas in a futile attempt to find some hidden treasure trove of information that we don’t have. This case appears to involve a politically connected law firm that leverages the legal system as a sword and, through cozy relations with judges and politicians, receives a sweetheart deal that denies the legal rights of others.”

“Like Beyonce, who stands against police officers who overstep their power, we stand against lawyers who seek an unfair advantage with friendly judges and legally abuse adversaries seeking fairness in the judicial system. Only you can know if you fall into that category. If you do think you are in that category, we (of course) would hate to find Jay-Z falling victim to a predatory lawyer using him for his money.”


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