Cuba Gooding Jr. Show The Young Folks How To Turn Up…

Cuba Gooding Jr. literally wild the eff out at a recent party. Page six shares the deets below. Ohh Cuba was also trying to eat a man’ s cell phone.

According to Page six reports,

“The People v. O.J. Simpson” star Cuba Gooding Jr. channeled Simpson’s earlier party days by boozing with and cozying up to women in Miami.

“He was running around telling people how he and his wife are separated [and] how she was his high-school sweetheart. He was a mess,” said a spy.

Things later got more bizarre. Gooding hit club Story on Friday night where, we’re told, “He hopped on stage shirtless during DJ Kaskade’s set and started spraying the crowd with a CO2 cannon. He was dancing up a storm. He ripped off his shirt and hopped on top of the DJ booth and went crazy. He was having a good time.”

Click Here to watch the footage.


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