Benzino Responds…

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Benzino  responds to  Thi Thi post on social media.


iambenzinoFor all those who keep saying “stop putting your personal biz on social media” I ask you, when have you ever seen me post anything negative about my relationship?? When have I ever said anything bad about her????? Even after she posts the most worst stuff against me, when have I ever responded???? YOU CANT FIND ONE POST OF THIS ON MY PAGE!! WHY BECAUSE I LOVED HER…. So stop with that bs and if you don’t know the situation, keep your opinions to yourself 💯 AND PLEASE DONT SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HER, SHE IS A GREAT

Both Thi Thi and Zino are hot mess. You can’t fix the problems while pointing the blame at the other person. It is pretty obvious the couple is hot headed. I’m all for black love but this relationship is a trainwreck.



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