Tameka Harris Talks Brand New Baby On The Way In An Interview With Rolling Out..

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Tameka talks bout her pregnancy in her latest interview with Rolling Out.

Today, you have made another mark in our community of greatness as being a mother again at 40. That’s a ray of hope.

That’s a ray of hope, because you know what? Now, I’ve been looking it up because I was feeling old, and I was like there [are] a lot of 40-year-old women having babies and I’m glad to be in the ballpark because this is my last child, of course, because I’m 40, and I’m just excited about this baby. I think I’m really mature and ready to be with this baby.

On your social media sites, we seen you say something about the lucky number seven.  Let the people know exactly what the number seven means to you.

Well, seven is like my favorite number. For one, I’m born in the month of seven. My birthday is 7/14, so I write 7/ 7, 7, which makes up 14. It’s the number of God. And it’s my seventh child. So, you know it means a lot. I’m very big on numbers and seven is my number.

So, how far along are you?

I’m in my seventh month.

Many women have problems with conceiving, especially when they are older. And a lot of women have lost children before, like you have also experienced. What can you say to the mother who has suffered a loss?

Well, if it’s in God’s will, you will have a child again. You just have to have faith, hold on to it and keep trying. The sport is good, so keep trying and having fun while you’re doing it. If God wants you to have a baby, you will definitely be blessed to have that child. After I lost my child, I was blessed with Major, and now I’m blessed with another baby.

What is your vision for your newest baby?

I can’t wait to be able to take my baby on the road with me and still be a mommy and still handle my business and really make a mark in the industry. I have a couple things coming up. I have a new talk show coming up, and I’m excited. I went to “The Real,” and Tamera [Mowry] always has her little baby there. And I’m like, yeah, I’m going to be doing that one day, you know going to work and having my little one with me. The other ones are too bad to go, you know. But this one will be able to go. But I’m excited about that, because I didn’t get to do a lot of that with my other babies. Zonnique was able to go a little bit, but her dad wanted her to stay at home a lot, so she stayed. But this time, we’re going to do it a little different.

Now, I heard that you got a 3-D ultrasound. So, who does this baby look like?

Everybody says the baby looks like King. I can agree that the baby looks like King. The baby does have Major’s lips, so it’s a little blend. Everybody says King, but I’m just like OK, it looks like a baby in clouds.


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