Chrissy Teigen Interview With ‘Good Morning America.


Chrissy Teigen tals recent backlash over choosing to have a baby girl through IVF.

“I didn’t realize that this is so not really talked about,” she explained. “In my world it is, because everyone I know has gone through this. So I said it so casually that I didn’t anticipate all the people who had never heard of such a thing before. It’s interesting to spark conversation and get people talking about it, and we’re happy with our decision and we’re proud of it and we’re glad that we’re living in a time where we could do such a thing. But it’s weird, we definitely didn’t anticipate any kind of backlash from it.”

And as for why the power couple chose to have a baby girl, Teigen said her husband “deserves to have a baby girl. He’s so good to be me obviously and he’s just going to be the most doting, amazing father to a baby girl. A baby boy too, but we all know boys love their mommy, so I’ll give him this time first and then next time it’ll be mine.”

Click Here to watch  the interview.


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