Lark Voohries Reveals She Is Officially Divorce…

Lark Voohries provides an update on her well being and career on social media.

It has been a rocky journey for Lark on social media. If you missed the previous story click  Here Here and Here to read.

Lark pens this open letter below.

thelarkvoorhiesTo Whom It May Concern,

I Was Advised By Multiple Parties Not To Engage In Social Media But I Am Now Here To Say That I Am Officially Divorced And Have Cleansed My Soul And Body In More Ways Than A Soul Could Ever Be! I Have Truly Blossomed Beyond Majority Of The Council And Excited To Finally Be Back On The Horse And Riding Again! So Many Anticipated Projects That You Will Soon Be Hearing About That I Am Finally Able To Go Ahead With And Was Given The Green Light Thumbs Up To Do So. With That Being Said It Is With Heavy Heart To Announce That I Am No Longer Partners With My Former Publicist Jennifer Wolfson Who Hacked My Twitter And Email And Gmail With Further Proof That She Did So On January 8th To Maliciously Hurt My Image And Brand That Is Estimated To Be Worth Millions. Please Be Advised That I Will Be Updating Soon! Thanks To All Of My Fans! –LARK VOORHIES



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