Tara Wallace Interview With Vibe..

Tara recently gave birth to Peter’s child click Here to read.

Tara does an interview with Vibe. and talks about Amina and Peter.

VIBE: How do you respond to people who criticize you for having a baby with a married man?
Tara Wallace: Live and let go. My number one goal is to be a mom and provide a supportive and loving home for my boys and I’m doing just that. Everything else will fall in place.

Some fans are also questioning the love triangle involving yourself and Peter’s wife, Amina. What is your relationship like with her and do you regret being a part of such a messy situation?
I’m not here to sugar coat the situation like it’s not a mess or act like its great between us (Amina). I found out that Peter was married when the audience found out on Love & Hip Hop. Maybe I couldn’t make every right decision because I had a camera stuck in my face. When you are doing a reality show it becomes what’s your next move? I just had to operate off of instinct. For me that last season was just blow after blow after blow. By the end of it all, I was very beat up. It was like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson.

Tara also will drop a new book by the way….

You are set to release your book The Goddess Potential this spring. It’s being described as a self-help book. What do you say to people who point to your controversial relationship as a stumbling block to taking such a book seriously?
The book itself is about developing a relationship with your inner self. This is a book we started before I even got pregnant.







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