Nivea Interview With Industry Rehab.


Nivea gives a brief recap of her career in the interview Industry rehab.

Nivea talks about the Dream and Tunechi.

Also, Nivea is set to release a dual project. The singer reveals in the interview. It is refreshing to see Nivea is still doing music. She can really sang! Go Nivea…

Burmy: What all happened behind the scenes there? (I’m asking because this was by far your hardest-hitting album, and like your previous two sets, every song was single-worthy material)

Nivea: Well, Dream and I decided to keep it moving!  He and I managed myself.  He produced every song himself on Animalistic and wrote almost every single lyric, I had a bit of writing involvement so this was definitely mostly his persona developing.  And it was when and why RadioKilla was created!  We became a record label and did a distribution deal with Formula One Records.  So it had nothing to do with JIVE and was never set for a U.S. release actually.

Burmy: Now is where things take an even sharper turn-the year after that, on the day of his debut album’s release, you announced that you and The-Dream were parting ways after three years of marriage…..

 Nivea: I’m still unsure to this day, but okay about not really knowing the answer to that actually!  I mean, we definitely had or differences, but I was completely caught off guard when he said he wanted a divorce…he was my best friend, someone I believed would be with me no matter what.  But I guess that’s the mistake most women make.  Though I will always love him, regardless, for blessing me with my 3 beautiful eldest!

Burmy: Eventually, you reconciled with Weezy, resuming your engagement to him and even having a son Neal. Unfortunately, that too seemed to go south rather quickly (in your words, thanks in no small part to a certain Young Money artist of his). I know it hurts talking about this, so I promise this’ll be my last question in regards to that past…it takes a really strong woman to move on from so many traumatic experiences as you have, so where do you find that strength to move on and keep moving forward?

Nivea: Yes, well, after the news of his first son about to be brought into the world, only months in to our reconnection, I believed that we were in love again.  And I’d told him I’d accept his son since he said he would accept my 3.  Then, a year later, the very day I returned from the doc, (it had almost been a month since this 2nd proposal, presented this time with a court ordered paper, on my 27th bday, {that I still have lol}, stating that we were to marry in 30 days), he gave me news over the phone that his ex is 3 months pregnant.  So of course, I broke down…my mother passed away 2 months later, late in May…still trying to hold on, he was being so supportive of me at that time.  Then, pictures, that appeared to be intimate, were surfacing of him with her-I won’t say her name because I’ve been over it for quite some time and was only really upset because I like her myself and had plans of working with her as well.  I thought very highly of her talent and actually thought she was a really cool chic.  Any who, that along with some inappropriate behavior between the two of them that I witnessed once or twice in the studio while I’m rocking a ring and a belly, that I also checked, pushed me over the top.  I told him I was done.  However, he’s still been a blessing in my life and I am incredibly grateful and PROUD to say that each and every single one of my children were made out of Love!  And I will always love him as well, regardless, for blessing me with my beautiful youngest!

Burmy: I heard you have some new material on the way coming really soon. Any announcements or updates to share with us? (and is your upcoming album still called “Nivea Revealed”?)

Nivea: Well, my next project is dual project! One side will showcase what fans will expect, the other side will showcase a side of me very few have ever met!  It’s called “Mirrors”/“The Randy Watson Collection”.



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