Bill Cosby Temporarily Drops Lawsuit Against Beverly Johnson


Beverly Johnson had accused  Bill of drugging her. Bill Cosby sued the model over defamation of character.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in California, calls accusations by Ms. Johnson “false, malicious, opportunistic and defamatory” and says she made them in an “attempt to revive her flagging career.”

Click Here and Here if you missed the stories.

According to USA Today reports,

Cosby’s lawyers in California moved Thursday to dismiss his civil suit against Johnson, who accused him in her memoir of drugging her and trying to rape her without success at his home in the 1980s.

“The case has been voluntarily dismissed at this time due to the (pending) criminal proceedings in Montgomery County, PA, which impede Mr. Cosby’s ability to fully participate in litigating the civil case against Ms. Johnson,” according to a statement issued by Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt. “We fully expect to re-file the complaint against her prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations.”


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