50 Cent Vrs. Ebro From Hot 97 Showdown On Social Media.


50 Cent and Ebro from Hot 97 exchange word on social media.

50centThis Guy said I destroyed New York HipHop because I didn’t work with New York artist, to cover up he was the program director that wouldn’t play there records. sMH #EFFENVODKA



Ebro responds

ebroskiHahahaha! You wanna do this@50cent !!? always supported you and NY artists… Ask Olivia, Rotimi, Lloyd, Yayo, Buck. Guess it’s not enough? Or you trying to distract people from ya personal problems today? Love you bro. Be well and come by anytime.


Need a #MemeTeam to prepare for @50cent about to come for me… #stressed

A video posted by Ebro Darden (@ebroski) on Feb 26, 2016 at 7:37am PST


50 responds…

  • 50centI saw your response, truth is you wouldn’t know a hit,if it hit your ass in the head. Radio is all messed up, New artist have to break on line. I know you can’t see it but you don’t mean shit anymore. Buy the time you support records there already working fool. Name one new Artist or song out of New York you broke. Lol you should be ashamed of your self. #EFFENVODKA



One thought on “50 Cent Vrs. Ebro From Hot 97 Showdown On Social Media.

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