Poor Dat… Kanye and Rihanna may not have saved Tidal..

Bad news for Jigga.

Although Rihanna and Kanye albums were exclusively release and leaked on the shitty service. These mega stars could not save Tidal Flop.

If you missed Tidal screwed up Rihanna album release click Here to read.

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Well according to  B I reports,

Earlier this month, Tidal got two huge boosts from exclusives with Rihanna and Kanye. The albums catapulted Tidal up the app download charts. It went from not even charting on App Annie before Rihanna’s “Anti,” to sitting at the No. 1 spot after Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo.”

The chart below shows how Tidal’s rank in the U.S. downloads charts has changed over time. The blue line shows how its rank has changed relative to all other apps, while the red line charts it against only other “music” apps.

kanye ri charts


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