Young Thug’s Interview In GQ.

Here is portion of the interview:

He is extremely close to his mother, who suffers from an enlarged heart. They call her Big Duck. They call his dad Big Jeff. His mom and dad call each other brother and sister now. His little sister Dora, whom he calls his twin, is almost constantly by his side. They call one of his brothers, phonetically, Oonphoonk. Oonphoonk is in prison on a murder conviction—another of Thug’s brothers was murdered outside his house when Thug was a kid.

Thug drinks prescription cough syrup all day, takes Xanax, smokes marijuana, eats molly. Sometimes he does all of them at once. He rarely sleeps. A former friend said Thug would stay up for days, take lots of different kinds of drugs, then sleep for 24 to 48 hours.

Thug got in trouble when a mall security guard said Thug threatened to shoot him in the face. He’s been questioned about firing shots at the tour bus of Lil Wayne, who was once and probably still is his greatest artistic hero. (Thug’s former road manager was convicted for the incident.) He is known to have a temper, to have more—and more dangerous—bad blood with different factions in Atlanta than any other rapper. He refers to those allied against him as “peasants.” There are always lots of guns around him. The people who travel with him cut an equally fashion-forward swath. As GQ’s Style Guy, Mark Anthony Green, said during the photo shoot for this story: “You will never see bigger guns tucked into smaller pants.” His main security guard carries a semiautomatic assault rifle even when Thug’s at the recording studio. Just the week before, a former security guard had been assassinated in his home near downtown Atlanta. No sign of forced entry.


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