Jay Electronica Calls 50 Cent A Straight Up Liar!

50 Cent respond to Jay’s rant by claiming he does know know who he is click Here if you missed the  story.

Jay says this is pretty much bull shit and the rapper shows receipts  50 Cent is lying.

Here is portion of the article:

50 Cent has associated himself with a cause we can believe in, lobbying Diddy to stop exploiting the memory of Notorious BIG. The perpetually beefing rapper has launched a petition asking Diddy to “let BIG rest in peace”. Instead, Ghost of Christopher Wallace is a single by rapper Jay Electronica, to which Diddy contributes a cameo. “This is just getting disrespectful,” 50 Cent said. “This [song] doesn’t really remind me of Biggie in any way, except for having the Puffy background-dancing and ad libs/intro that almost destroy a good song. Remember less than a month ago when [Diddy] said: ‘[That’s] something I’m not going to talk about any more?'”



One thought on “Jay Electronica Calls 50 Cent A Straight Up Liar!

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