Jay Z Dodges a Revival of ‘Big Pimpin’ Copyright Fight.

In October of 2015, The rapper won copyright infringement trial.

Jay Z has won a copyright infringement trial stemming from his 1999 hit single Big Pimpin’, ending a long drawn-out case which shined a light on sampling in pop music and western artists’ use of Arabic melodies.

Well here is an update on the situation.

THR reports,

But now comes the final judgment, where Snyder writes, “In the instant case, the Court determined that plaintiff had assigned all of his economic rights in Khosara to Jaber and therefore was not ‘[t]he legal or beneficial owner of an exclusive right under a copyright.'”

Fahmy’s attorney argued that regardless, these issues were all tied together, that because there was no assertion of actual damages (such as lost sales), the court was making a determination about the sole injury asserted — violation of rights.

The judge admits that Fahmy might be onto something, but nevertheless steps around the argument by saying there have been allegations of actual damages being suffered in the case.


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