So Morris Chestnut Is A Deadbeat Father?

According to Morris alleged son Morris is a deadbeat. The young man name is  Grant Chestnut. Here is a run down be low:

Dante Lamont Chestnut claims to be the oldest son of Morris Lamont Chestnut. Dante, who would be around 27 years old, claims that Morris was a great father up until he became successful for his role as Ricky in the 1991 film, “Boyz N The Hood.” According to Dante, that’s when Morris let fame get to him and he started a new life with a new woman.

F*ck Ricky!!! @MorrisLamontChestnut!! F*ck you blood, on swan when I got shot in my hip and back all this simple MF had to say was “who shot you?” B*tch ass n*gga been lying and disappointing me my whole life so you got to excuse me while I vent.

This man was the only thing I knew from birth as my father growing up. I share my middle and last name with this man. His parents, brother and sister are my grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncle. All who I share a last name with. I lived with him and my mother all my life until after Boyz N The Hood came out.”

“He took my mother to the premiere for Boyz N The Hood. Cuba Gooding Jr. used to come over to our 1 bedroom apartment in Northridge and watch the rough cut of the movie. Once he was “Ricky” and got his recognition, he stopped being my father! Started another life with a new wife and kids and I’m totally nonexistent. You know what it does mentally to grow up reaching out to your father and the only way you can see or hear your pops is in movies, TV, billboards, etc. In movies like “Like Mike” I was about 12 or 13, that was the last movie of his I seen in theaters because i that movie they needed a dad and he adopted them.

He Continued

It made me feel like damn, things like this don’t even make him think about the actual lil n*gga that you named and partially raised? Made me tear up in the theater. It has taken a huge mental and emotional toll on my whole life. N*gga, I was in Oklahoma with you when Grams died, and at her funeral, and she loved me unconditionally. She would probably roll over in her grave if she seen what you’ve become.

Even though you’re a success and I’m one in the making, the difference is I’m a real ass n*gga at the end of the day. Realer than you will ever be because I can wake up and look in the mirror and know I’ll never leave none of mine behind no matter the circumstances. So like I said, F*ck Ricky!”



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