Erica Mena Quit The Hit VH1 Reality Show

Finally, Erica Mena explains why she left the hit show click Here a recap.

Erica Mena does an interview with VH1….

She might want to go back after her meal ticket Shad Moss is no longer in the picture..

Here is portion of the interview:

I think I set the tone [for the reunion,] because I separated myself from them and decided to say what I needed to say. The good thing is that [the viewers] have experienced me being at reunions before with everybody attacking me so I felt like, “Been there, done that. Let me just say what I have to say and not break a sweat.”

I decided to film separately because I honestly felt like throughout the whole season I was the main target. It was actually a moment for me to let off steam and be able to close that chapter of my life. You can’t ever move on without the proper closure. I felt like especially because all of the false allegations and rumors that were made up about me throughout my whole last season that it was my time to really retaliate


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