Janet Jackson And Tamar Sales…. (Update)

Janet album sales prediction seems to increase compare to the previous post click Here for a recap. While, Tamar has a hard time catching up. Sad face.

Janet Jackson (BMG) 100-110k albums, 103-113k SPS
Tamar Braxton (Epic) 35-40k, 39-44k
Clutch (Weathermaker) 19-22k, 20-23k
Sevendust (7Bros) 18-21k, 19-22k
Trivium (Roadrunner) 14-17k, 15-18k
Avicii (Island) 11-14k, 14-17k
Collective Soul (Vanguard) 11-14k, 12-15k
Winery Dogs (Loud & Proud) 8-10k, 8-10k
Eagles of Death Metal (UMe) 8-10k, 8-10k
Queensryche (Century Media) 8-10k, 8-10k


One thought on “Janet Jackson And Tamar Sales…. (Update)

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