Micheal B. Jordan Interview With GQ Magazine


Micheal sets the record straight about about Kylie Jenner.

Jordan was recently photographed leaving a Met Gala afterparty in New York at the same time as Kendall Jenner, and there was a brief ripple of stories wondering whether the two of them were dating, speculation which was dampened by “sources” insisting that the photo was simply two people leaving a party at the same time by chance in the same frame. Nevertheless, it stirred up a little online squall, with those who presented themselves as Jordan’s fans almost universally hostile to the idea.

“It’s the world we live in,” says Jordan. “They see white and black. I don’t. Kendall’s a friend of mine, you know. I don’t know her, like, that well, but I know her enough. People’s perspective on that is what it is. I don’t fucking know. I don’t live my life to make other people happy. It’s so weird, though, right? A lot of black fans were feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, he should have been with a black woman’ and that whole thing. I get it, but on the other hand it’s, like, relax. You know—it’s 2015. It’s okay! People can like one another, not necessarily from the same history or culture or whatever the fuck it is. It’s just the new world, you know what I mean?”

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