Tamar Braxton Interview With Billboard

Tamar is doing heavy promotion to promote her new album ‘Calling All Lovers’.

The 38-year-old returns with third studio LP Calling All Lovers, due Sept. 11 on Epic/Streamline.

Calling All Lovers was recorded at the home you share with your husband and manager, Vince Herbert. Why not go to a real studio?

I don’t like studios — I love recording at home. I did most of the recordings in one of the bedrooms, sitting on the edge of the bed, pouring out my heart with a mic.

The album is about your past relationships. Did any songs make you cry?

A song called “Circles” about being in a relationship that’s a never-ending story. You make up, you break up, you catch them in a lie, you take them back, you don’t know how you got back in the situation again. I had been through it 100,000 times before I met Vince. After I finished recording, I wept, not just cried — wept, honey! Men are terrible until you find one that’s great and he annoys you for different reasons.

An unflattering pic of you during your performance with Patti LaBelle and K. Michelle

at the BET Awards became a widespread meme. Did that annoy you?

It doesn’t bother me at all — I’ve been a meme for the past five years. My friends and I text each other memes of myself, like, “Girl, sit down,” or “Oh, please.” That wasn’t offensive to me at all — even I posted it.



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